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In the late 1960's dozens of hot rods clubs that were started in the fifties began dropping out of sight. Veteran street rodders believed that rods were becoming a thing of the past. But in the summer of '67 several guys from Hartford area decided to get together for a picnic run or a rod rally. That September eleven Rods made a run to Hammonassett State park. It's unofficial but at this time we believe that CSRA was born.

The following month twenty-one Street Rods made a run to Barkhampsted Reservoir. Little did they know that CSRA was getting into the ground floor of a movement that now spans a history of over thirty-eight years.

The groundwork for the association was laid during the winter of '67-'68. The idea of meeting once a month for a rally was growing. Soon members realized this was no longer a backyard club just meeting for a picnic run, but a growing organization. Club meetings started on a regular basis, officers were selected and rules were set up. The first president was Paul Dorey who was one of the founding fathers. Mickey Lauria was responsible for drawing up the original club by-laws and constitution.

The CSRA banner is definitely a unique design. The grille shell and axle contained in an oval were co-designed by original members Don Lowe and Artie Johnson. The axle stands for mechanical work, the grille shell is a symbolic of the bodywork and the overall design represents the classic street rod. The banner can be found at most local events as well as many national events leaving no question that CSRA is around.

The Club has grown to over sixty members. We have organized many events over the years and served our communities making donations to our favorite charities. One of the club's proudest achievements in our thirty-eight years was building a T-bucket roadster for the North Branford D.A.R.E. program in 1996. Another achievement for the club was to buy our very own clubhouse in 2001. It is our dream that the Connecticut Street Rod Association not only continue its tradition with our children, but with our children's children. It is our passion of the Street Rod that joins us. Over the past thirty-eight years, we have all gotten a little older, shared each other's successes, and felt each other's pain. We worked hard together and we have had fun together. Rodding is more than a sport to the members of the Connecticut Street Rod Association. It is a way of life.

So congratulations to all the members of the Connecticut Street Rod Association, for it is your time, effort, heart, and soul that has brought this club to this milestone. With this continued dedication this club will leave it's proud mark on the sport of street rodding for many more generations.