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the foundation america was built on

Foundation America

Reclaimed Blue Stone

Foundation America

Stone Statues & Sculptures

Foundation America

Reclaimed Granite Curbing

About Peter g. hill designs

We at Peter G. Hill Designs have become the largest suppliers of hand harvested and artistically created “RECLAIMED STONE” from the 1800’s. We literally harvest, and repurpose the “FOUNDATION STONE OFAMERICA” that is, or was, what formed our country. Every sidewalk, curbing, step, roadway, foundation and building in America was made from Bluestone Sandstone, cobblestone and Brick. We reclaim those materials, repurpose them with your help, and PRESERVE America’s foundation stone. Come with us to bring one of a kind, reclaimed materials of warmth, beauty an longevity, all crafted by hand, literally “MADE IN AMERICA “, to you.