Reclaimed Blue Stone

The rarest to find and the most desirable of reclaimed stone was quarried in the 1800s in upstate New York. We at NEAC scour the N. Y. Countryside finding and harvesting hand cut and hand quarried bluestone from this period. Our reclaimed vintage stone products are not only the best but the most beautiful! The chisel marks, hand feathered edges, and time-worn surfaces are impossible to replicate at any price. We have been fortunate in locating bluestone from 2 ft wide up to 12 ft wide with lengths running 2 ft long to 10 ft long. The most common pieces being in the 4 ft to 5 ft wide ranges from 2 ft to 6 ft long. Most pieces being a few inches thick on smaller pieces up to 8" thick on larger pieces. Our antique reclaimed bluestone curbing offers the same beautiful hand-carved product and one-of-a-kind uniqueness.

We have come into a supply of reclaimed blue stones for a variety of uses. In the past, this vintage bluestone has been used for sidewalks, walls, and buggy steps. 

As you can see below we have a walkway, stone wall cap, and patio venues using reclaimed bluestone sidewalks and reclaimed bluestone curbing. These pieces will come anywhere from 2' wide to 5' long and are usually 3" to 4" deep. This park was donated by Doris Duke the tobacco heiress.