We Will Buy Your Blue Stone

At Peter G Hill Designs we strive to preserve the stone that was the foundation for many sidewalks throughout early America. With the commotion of everyday work, the integrity of the stone becomes compromised. We want to keep the stone that has been your sidewalk since the 1800s unbroken and showcases its historical beauty. Replacing your bluestone sidewalk has many benefits including, insurance reductions, property value increase, and overall safety for you and anyone that walks on it. We have the ability to assist in the cost of replacing your sidewalk to reap the benefits of modern-day concrete sidewalks. Not only can we reduce the price of the new sidewalk, but we also have the ability to pour concrete that matches the look of the historic bluestone. 

Please contact Peter Hill at peterghill02840@yahoo.com with a picture of your sidewalk and your address if you are interested in this service. We look forward to hearing from you!